Business sectors

Road freight transport using variously equipped road tractors.

Gavio&Torti Casa di Spedizione S.p.A. manages road freight transport on behalf of third parties for different types and measurements of 20/40/45 ft high cube/open top containerstank containers and tipping containers.

The primary goal is to satisfy all customer requirements, by seeking to understand their needs and respecting their deadlines.

The vehicle fleet, which is constantly upgraded in terms of both functionality and sustainability, has around 100 variously equipped road tractors to allow for extensive application – such as tipping pumps, compressors and low-bed vehicles, and an equal number of multifunctional semi-trailers. All are equipped with a geopositioning system that ensures greater security as well as real-time knowledge of their location. More than half of our drivers hold an ADR license, in addition to a qualification for working at height, which is essential for dangerous goods transportation and tank container unloading.

The company is located on a site of 53,000 square metres, of which 7,000 square metres covered for warehouse and office use and 46,000 square metres uncovered for enclosed, monitored yard use for vehicle shelter and container storage. Customers who require it are offered the option of leaving their containers in long-stay storage thanks to the presence of an operating machine for loading and unloading.

The docking equipped warehouses allow the material to be moved from containers onto curtainsider trailers for side unloading. The presence of an on-site scale verifies the VGM, thus streamlining the entire process and speeding up turnaround times, which have quickened progressively over time.