Gavio&Torti Casa di Spedizione S.p.A.

La Gavio&Torti Casa di Spedizione S.p.A.

has operated in freight transport for third parties since the 1950s.

Its first decades in business were characterised by remarkable growth thanks to its strategic location in the heart of Italy’s Industrial Triangle and made stronger still by the advent of container transport.

Since 2004 the company has been part of the Autosped G Group of Castelnuovo Scrivia, the Logistics and Transport Business Unit of the Gavio Group.

The current workforce, made up of trained and up-to-date staff, allows the Piedmont-based company to always remain state-of-the-art and in step with the times.

With its ISO 9001 certification, Gavio&Torti is constantly renewing itself and, thanks to decades of experience, is a reliable business partner for freight forwarders as well as shipping companies.

Situated just a few kilometres from the Tortona motorway toll station and close to important logistics centres, the activity is mainly aimed at ports in Liguria, from Savona to La Spezia, offering transport services mostly within Italy but also to various European countries.